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Puppies occasionally available. Please telephone or e-mail if you are serious about this delightful rare breed.

As well as being a Kennel Club Assured Breeder I have been awarded three Kennel Club accolades which can be viewed here. I have had my inspection from the Kennel Club.

devonia bolognese puppies

Typical Bolognese puppies - the above two bred from Sara with Devonia and Quirino with Devonia (Born May 2006) Both of these two at the age of six months went on to be successful in the show ring.

The Puppy on the left is Devonia's La Viata E' Bella.

The breed on a whole is a healthy one with no known hereditary problems.
My breeding programme is to only breed from sound and healthy dogs with very good temperaments that conform to the breed standard in the hopes that they will only produce sound and healthy puppies with no potential problems.
Puppies are bred from the best available bloodlines. I breed only from dogs with sound temperaments and disposition. I try my best to ensure dogs have no hereditary defects. I also test any breeding dogs and bitches for Leishmania have patella's hearts and eyes checked before breeding.

Puppies are kept with their parents until they are at least 12 - 13 weeks old before going to new homes. They are fully wormed, have dew claws removed and are vet checked and also microchipped and are Kennel Club Registered, four generation pedigree and come with four weeks free insurance, together with a supply of food and any other relevant equipment. If the puppies are old enough they will also be fully vaccinated. The puppies like their parents are fed on the best available food.

My puppies are reared in our house and not in a kennel, with continuous attention. They get used to all normal household noises such as vacuum cleaners, washing machine radio/music etc., They will be in contact with any visitors I may have including a young Grandson together with my other dogs. When they are old enough they will be taken into the garden to get used to outside noises. They are also paper trained in the hopes they will not puddle where they are not supposed to.

I insist that potential new owners visit at least once before I agree to them having a puppy. This is important for both the new owner and myself. Firstly you as a potential new owner would like to see where the puppies have grown up and meet the parents and to satisfy yourself that you are happy with what you see, and secondly to make sure this is the breed that you really want and can cope with the grooming. Thirdly, I like to see what kind of people will take care of my beloved puppies for the rest of their lives. Together we can make a choice (if possible) as to which puppy will be most suitable for you, as each puppy develops their own special personality. I may also ask for references from a Veterinary Surgeon.

Since 2003 I have imported four bitches and one dog from Italy, all from Bologna the source of the Italian Bolognese, in the hopes that I can further this small and rare breed. My thanks for this go to Alberto Veronesi for his kindness in letting me have these dogs in order that I can improve my breeding. The litters that I have had from my imported dogs have been very successful in the show ring having received various best of breeds between them.


Puppies may occasionally be available to approved homes only. (I do not breed very often) A reference may be asked for. I also ask that if a puppy (or adult) once in its new home, if for any reason cannot be kept by the new owner, that it be returned to me. I also offer after care service and grooming advice where needed. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from me I would be grateful if you would either e-mail me or telephone and we can discuss what you are looking for.
Should you wish to contact me with regard to any information on the breed or the availability of puppies, I hope that I can give friendly honest and helpful advice which will be freely given.


quirino with devonia bolognese dog














Quirino with Devonia imported from Alberto Veronessi, Bologna in June 2004 (Photo taken by Alberto Veronessi in Italy prior to import)

If I have no puppies available I may be able to recommend a reputable breeder who does.



Winner of Top Sire (Devonia's Altivita), Top Puppy (Devonia's Cerutti) and Top Breeder for 2009

Yumega Competition (Dog World) Top Brood Bitch (Sara with Devonia)


Winner of Top Breeder 2010 and 2011 and 2012.

Yumega Competition (Dog World) Top Brood Bitch awarded to Sara with Devonia

Yumega Top Brood Bitch 2011 awarded to Sara with Devonia

Royal Canin Top Stud Dog 2011 awarded to Quirino with Devonia

These awards are not based on the amount of puppies produced (as I do not breed very often) but on the success of any progeny currently in the show ring, and these can be accredited to both Devonia's Altivita (Morse) and Devonia's La Vita E' Bella who have both made me very proud.

Please Note!!

Wherever you obtain your puppy ensure that you see the surroundings your puppy comes from. You must visit the home or kennel before you collect your puppy. Most breeders are only too happy that you do this, as it gives you the opportunity to check that the breeder is a reputable one and it also gives the breeder an opportunity to check that their puppy is going to a loving home. Make sure you see the Mother, if possible the Father, if not ask to see a photograph of the Father and ensure that your puppy has been vet checked, microchipped, wormed you have a pedigree together with the Kennel Club Registration. Also ask the breeder if you may see their patella certificate. If you are not happy with the Breeder or the home where it is coming from, WALK AWAY. Ensure that once you take your Bolognese Puppy home, you take it to your own vet to have it vet checked. If there are any problems, contact the breeder immediately, most reputable breeders will be only too happy to help.

Please also be considerate and let the breeder know that the puppy has settled in. As the breeder has put so much time and effort into the breeding and upbringing of your puppy, they will want to know it has settled and is happy.
I have been very very lucky in finding superb homes for any puppies that I cannot keep, most of them are in fabulous homes and the owners keep me updated yearly, or some more often as to how their pets are getting on. I have Bolognese in homes in Spain, France and more recently in Monte Carlo.

Please note that if you are intending to leave your Bolognese puppy/dog for any length of time i.e. whilst you are out at work - this is not the breed for you.



January 2015


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