Dolce "Dolcevita with Devonia"(Imp)
Devonia Bolognese dogs
Dolcevita pictured in 2013 whilst still a young puppy.

"Dolcevita” arrived at Devonia in 2013. My thanks go to Alberto Veronesi and Alina Vero for again picking a wonderful specimen of the breed to come to the UK. We had been waiting quite a while to fetch Dolce into the UK and when we went to fetch her it was a very difficult journey. We left the UK at the beginning of March and when we arrived the other side of the Channel Tunnel we were met with snow. We made our way to Paris together with Zita and stayed the night in readiness to meet Alina in Paris where she had kindly agreed to bring Dolce. However, overnight the snow got worse. We waited quite a while for the train from Italy which was delayed and it was so so cold. However, it was certainly worth the wait. We then left Alina in Paris and headed back to the Channel Tunnel only to find that after about 30 kilometres the motor ways had been closed. The journey continued on minor roads with about 6 inches of impacted snow, of which some roads just came to a halt because the snow was banked up and we had to retrace our steps. It took us about 12 hours to do a two and a half hour journey. We found nowhere we could get refreshments so it was rather a long and dry journey. Getting very cold when we let the dogs out for exercise. However, we eventually made it home, but it was worth the inconvenience.

Dolce is very sweet natured, has a fabulous temperament, she has a wonderful mouth and every nail is black. She also has fabulous pigementation. She bonded very well with the rest of the gang. She is especially attached to Zita, (who is a half sister) and it is impossible to know what these two will get up to next!!!

Dolce was born in June 2012, she was shown during 2013 in puppy class and received a Reserve Best of Sex in Breed whilst still a puppy at Bath Championship Show. We also took her last November to Kortrijk in Belgium to the Eurodogshow where she received a first place and graded Excellent.

Dolce will not be around for a while this year in the show ring as she is now on maternity duties, in the hopes of producing Devonia's next show dog. She is patella free and eye clear.


Devonia Bolognese dogs

January 2015

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