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The home of Show Winning "Italian" Bolognese. I hope you enjoy this site and learn something about this lovely rare breed.


 Devonia Bolognese, consists of:- Zita, Rosa, Monty and Gonni, all are proudly owned and loved by our owner Chris.

Hi my name is Christine Thatcher (Chris please) and I live at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset.

My Bolognese are all kept firstly as companions and house pets and secondly show dogs. I have been showing dogs for well over 30 years although not always the Bolognese. None of my dogs are kept in kennels, so as you can see, we are a small but select team.

I have taken the Bolognese to heart since owning my first one well over twenty years ago. There is nothing better than owning one Bolognese and that is two, three, four or more!!

I can be contacted on email here devoniak9@btinternet.com or can be contacted by telephone on 01278 321928- Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

Helpful and friendly advice always freely given.


 British Bolognese Club Show September 2015.

Devonia's Red Hot Summer (Rosa) BEST IN SHOW (at the age of 14 months)

Judge Dr. Mhairi Brown

(Photo courtesy of Alan Walker)
RosaBOB+gRP 4.

Devonia's Red Hot Summer

Westbury & District Canine Society September 2015

Best of Breed and Group 4

Judge Peter Jolley


bolognese dogs the devonia showteam

Older news from Devonia

City Championship show saw the treble for this small select show team. Devonia's Altivita (Morse) had Best Dog in Breed, Devonia's La Vita E'Bella had best Bitch in breed and Best of Breed and Giselle Veronesi with Devonia (Zita) had Best Puppy in breed. Judge was Carla Molinari (Portugal) This was a first for Devonia and so so proud of our Bolognese.

Devonia's La Vita 'E Bella wins Best Bitch in breed at Crufts 2011
See the YouTube video below. Bella is now eight years old and only competes at shows where there is a Veteran class for Bolognese but to date she is still showing the youngsters how it is done.

Devonia Bolognese Dogs
Zita Best Puppy in Breed
WKC 2012

Bolognese dog
Devonia's Altivita (Morse)
proudly showing his rosettes that
he won at Crufts 2010
Best Dog in Breed.

Bolognese Dog
Bella's brother Devonia's Altivita
born 31.12.2007 (Morse)

Devonia's Show team Brother and Sister (Morse and Bella) Bolognese dogs
Devonia's Show team Brother and Sister
Morse and Bella
(Photo courtesy of Alan Walker)
2009 and 2010 Devonia's La Vita E' Bella
and Devonia's Altivita

Bolognese Dog
Devonia's La Vita E' Bella
born 3rd May 2006 (Bella)

Bolognese Dog
Sara with Devonia (2007)

Our first imported Bolognese who is sadly no longer with us.

For details of show wins please click on individual dog pages - Monty - Rosa - Zita - Gonni

I hope to keep this site updated on a regular basis, so pop back occasionally and see whats new.

I hope you will enjoy my site and that you learn something about these lovely small Italian companion dogs.

I am happy to help if I can, I may occasionally have puppies available so do please enquire if you are serious about this rare toy breed. If I have nothing available, I may be able to put you in touch with a reputable breeder who may be able to help.

All my dogs have been tested for Leishmania and patellas and all dogs that I use for breeding have been eye tested all proved to be negative.

Devonia received the accolade of Top Stud Dog (Quirino with Devonia) and Top Brood Bitch (Sara with Devonia)2012 for the fourth year running!! We also received the accolade of "Top Breeder" for 2012, even though we only bred one litter in the past few years! Thanks for this go to Devonia's Altivita (Morse) and Devonia's La Vita E' Bella for doing so well in the show ring

All photos on this site are the property of Devonia Bolognese and may not be copied or used without permission.

Regards Chris

MARCH 2019

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