Here is where dogs from the history of Devonia are found, From their acomplishments to their personality

A Little Info About The Breeds History

The Italian Bolognese is one of the few true Italian Breeds. They were a favourite companion of the nobility during the Renaissance period and were often given as gifts among the royal families of Italy, France, Spain and Russia. They nearly became extinct during the late 19th century. Fortunately for us today there was a revival of the breed and a few dedicated breeders managed to preserve the breed. The Bolognese is still a rare breed in the United Kingdom having only been registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain since late 1988. At shows the breed had to be entered under the Import Register and it was not until July 2001 that the breed was taken off the Import Register and was allowed to be shown in breed classes in the United Kingdom. The first time the breed was exhibited at Crufts was in 2002. I had the pleasure of being one of the first to exhibit my Bolognese at Crufts and also had the greatest pleasure of receiving the accolade of Best Dog in Breed that year under Breed Specialist Liz Stannard. There are more Bolognese about now than when I had my first one but still people still stop in the street to ask what breed they are.